A modern solution

Long-lasting modular home

„LYFIO” delivers high-quality, sustainable, permanent houses made with modular construction that meets all local building regulations.

A modern solution

Long-lasting modular home

„LYFIO” builds high-quality and sustainable modular houses that meet the needs of residential and commercial premises.

Why choose LYFIO?

A partner for an exclusive home space

Our steel-frame modules are versatile and designed to meet different requirements, from single housing units to apartment buildings, hotels, and other buildings. With customisable layouts and various interior finishing options, LYFIO solutions are tailored to fit the global market and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

When you choose LYFIO, you can trust that the home will be built to the highest possible standard. Your home is where you spend most of your time, so we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your home is perfect. 

House in 6

From the start of production to a fully finished house - 6 months.

A++ energy

All the houses we offer meet the requirements of the A++ energy class.


Exact construction budget, the price does not change when signing the contract.

Standard home financing

We cooperate with banks and credit institutions throughout Lithuania.

Possibility to move the house

If necessary, the house can easily be moved to another place.

Everything in one hand

Sole manufacturer's responsibility. No need to look for builders, finishers, control them.

About us

We are a modern construction agency

At LYFIO, our focus is on utilizing technological advancements to create a housing industry that is both sustainable and accessible to all consumers. Our ultimate goal is to democratize home ownership so that it is no longer a privilege reserved solely for the wealthy but a commodity readily available to everyone.

Lyfio home projects

A conversation about lyfio house

Buying a modern home starts here.


More about Lyfio modular homes

We build the house indoors, so it is not affected by weather conditions. We use only high-quality materials for the manufacture of the house, therefore we are responsible for the quality and provide guarantees.

The modular houses we offer meet the world’s energy-efficient building standards. According to these standards, a passive house saves about 80% of energy for heating. The energy savings of a passive house are obtained due to energy-efficient building structures, insulation properties and ventilation devices.

Smart House is a system that controls all residential or office systems: lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, video and audio equipment and household appliances, video surveillance, security equipment, etc. Such buildings take care of their own safety, help save resources and ensure their owners exceptional comfort.

With the help of solar collectors, you can reduce electricity costs and save up to 60% for water heating and up to 20% for space heating.


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