About us

We are a modern construction agency

At LYFIO modular house factory, our focus is on utilizing technological advancements to create a housing industry that is both sustainable and accessible to all consumers. Our ultimate goal is to democratise home ownership so that it is no longer a privilege reserved solely for the wealthy but a commodity readily available to everyone.

 “The Future Is Modular. While the concept of factory-built homes may seem strange today, in the next few years, planned modular communities may become much more commonplace. We may be asking not „Who built your house?” but „What factory did it come from?” – Forbes

Meets all local Regulations

Our permanent modular houses meet all local Regulations for building construction.

Houses are built by trusted partner

Our modular houses are built by experienced and trustworthy partner.

High production output

Need more than one house? No problem, we are capable of delivering a high number of orders.


All our modular houses come with a warranty. One less thing for you to worry about.

Financially safe partner

We know that this is of utmost importance for choosing a partner for high-profile builds.

Longstanding history

Our company group history spans more than 20 years.

Our story

In 2013, Ryterna Modul was established as an autonomous modular building manufacturer, building on 12 years of experience as a subdivision of Ryterna. With over 20 years of industry expertise, we recognised the need to explore the modular permanent buildings sector further and drive industry-wide transformation, which led to the birth of LYFIO in 2023.

LYFIO is committed to sustainable construction practices and resilient urban development grounded in reusable and transformable modular principles. Our approach combines intelligent and innovative engineering with context-driven architectural design, delivering modular prefabricated housing solutions for a more sustainable future.

Ryterna Modul:
250+ people
28mln.Eur turnover (’23)
23.000+ sq.m. of production facilities.

Ryterna Group:
700+ people
90+ mln.Eur turnover (’23)